The Glenn Beck Program

Economy in Crisis


Gold is money. Gold has intrinsic value. -Peter Schiff

The number one problem is how many jobs we keep or lose. -Ali Velshi

America: buckle up. It's going to be a very bumpy ride. -Glenn Beck

In Washington, there's no Plan B. -Stephen Moore

That's the danger of any bailout: it rewards behaviour that isn't responsible. -AV

We've learned nothing. -PS

It's the wrong dream we've been pushing. -AV

Stop listening to the lies. -GB

Buy silver. It's actually used in more applications than gold. -AV

(The government is) the only sector of the economy that's been growing jobs. -SM

C'mon. You're not going to get it (Social Security). -GB

It's dangerous for a country of this size to be economically vulnerable. -AV

Make no mistake, America. Washington has sold you down the river. And they've done it for power. -GB

You couldn't not see this tragedy coming. -GB

He (Barack Obama) wants to put the economy back on track. The problem is, the track is leading to a brick wall. -PS

Those numbers are all phoney. Unemployment is probably a lot higher, as is inflation. -PS

We're at the early stages of this (the financial crisis). We'll see how it is in 3 or 4 years. -PS

Greed is normally balanced by fear. -PS

The real crisis is when people all around the world - Japan, China & Saudi Arabia - no longer want to hold our dollars & then the dollar really goes down & prices just go through the roof. -PS

GB: Are people going to be able to get a student loan in the next 12 months?
Bob O'Brien: No.
GB: So what's going to happen to college tuitions? Are they going to plummet?
BO'B: Yes.

How do we get more savings when we punish savers & encourage borrowing? -PS

The only way you're going to be able to sell your house is if you dramatically lower the price. -PS

The economy is down on the ground, flat on its back, but what this bill does is kick it in the groin. -PS

The federal government is the only one with the printing press. -PS

Chances are good you're about 30% less rich than you were in October of last year. -BO'B

In Washington, we reward vice & punish virtue. -SM

Nobody's going to get a tax cut (under Barack Obama). We're spending trillions of dollars - where's that money going to come from? -PS

Oil prices are going to go a lot higher because Russia can't afford to have them this low. -GB

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