Max Keiser

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The American Dollar is Dead

American Dollar = Toilet Paper


The Indian people could be the richest people in the world when this crisis is over.

Hank Paulson is a financial terrorist.

These guys will stop at nothing to keep their dirty laundry a secret.

What auditing companies?!?

These guys are wholesale thieving of trillions of dollars.

The US dollar is the only tether between the rest of the world & this criminal syndicate on Wall Street headed up by Hank Paulson.

Hank Paulson is taking the entire US economy into oblivion.

They're not going to stick around in the US when the Americans are going to have their pitchforks ready to go in & take back their country.

Under the Constitution, Hank Paulson qualifies as a tyrant.

Interview by Press TV (transcript)
US Dollar 'Backed by Bananas'
"The problems are here but the people who created this nightmare are gone. Cheney has already got his Halliburton corporation headquartered in Dubai. He's already out of the picture. All these crooks are going to be leaving this country. They're not going to stay for all of the rioting there's going to be in America."

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