When it Comes to Courtesans it Pays to Be Cautious


According to sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh,there are clearly defined divisions within the world of paid-for sex. The price for tier-one girls ranges from 1,000-2,500 pounds per session. They might be any age and ethnicity. They should be clean, & most have a degree. They will be discreet but most work for escort agencies that are routinely under surveillance.

Tier-two whores cost up to 4,000 pnds a session. They tend to be white, well-educated & usually require a referral before they take on a new john. They have a small, exclusive clientele &, unlike tier-one workers, they do not rely on escort agencies, which means they keep all their money.

At tier three, prostitutes charge from 5,000 pnds per rendezvous. They may have only a handful of clients, & will charge them for rent, clothing etc. Habitually they'll set a private dick on new applicants to see if they measure up. Oddly, despite the hefty rates they charge, punters going to tier-three hookers often don't want sex. Up to 40% don't go beyond light petting.
Instead, super-rich men will set them up as a fake spouse. Latterday Masters of the Universe hire sophisticated skirt simply to converse intelligently, without edge, & be a good-looking distraction from real life.

Sex: Pros & Cons
Rebecca Newman
British GQ