Wipe That Smirk Off His Goddamn Face

Begging for More by Kono Matsu
Adbusters #79

Seven years of Bush policy has left America crushed by debt, stuck in Iraq & isolated from the rest of the world. Bush will undoubtedly be remembered by history as the straw that broke the empire's back.
And yet, despite it all, the man himself seems to be faring well. Displaying the unflinching gusto for which he's famous, Bush's inner fortitude is nothing short of phenomenal.

Despite his litany of flaws, I admire Bush for his unwavering sense of self-confidence. I am in awe of whatever force - be it will or ignorance - that shields him from the onslaught of public opinion. Still, sometime before the sun sets on his presidency, I'd like to see someone confront him for his crimes. I'd like to see a reporter, a citizen or a disillusioned war veteran hold him accountable for the destruction his administration has wrought. I'd like someone to make him answer for the million people who have died on his watch or the eco-crisis he has left woefully unaddressed. But most of all, in front of the blazing lights of the media cameras, I'd like to see someone wipe that smirk off his goddamn face.